The meaning of Third Seven 

The early twentieth century philosopher Rudolf Steiner pioneered the concept of human development based on seven-year cycles; the time in which the trillion of cells in the human body rejuvenate. These seven-year cycles are helpful for us in benchmarking, assessing and reassessing the periods of our lives.

The founders launched Third Seven as we were entering the third, seven-year period of their adult lives. This period of adult life is synonymous with growth and maturation. It was the perfect time to take a chance, to build something from the ground up. Our ambition was to fashion a company built around ethics, one that puts long-term client relationships at the center of its core operating values.

The number 7 resonates with many cultures, typically being associated with good fortune, harmony and luck. Third Seven believes that one makes his or her own luck through integrity, hard work and careful due diligence. We feel fortunate and privileged to have had the opportunity to build a firm the way we envisioned, having aligned interests and shared success with our clients.