Our focus is simple:

  • We believe human interaction is the best way to invest in order to achieve your life and wealth management goals
  • We believe in putting investments back in investing
  • We believe in value creation

According to a 2016 report by McKinsey & Company, "the decline in average returns will spur a significant trend, a boost in the steady stream of assets moving into alternative investments".  We believe the use of proprietary Third Seven Capital (TSC) investment banking products, in addition to several best-of-breed alternative platforms allows our advisors to build better risk-adjusted portfolios. 

In a passive, robo-investing world, we deliver “fiduciary investing” to our clients by offering access to curated, direct investment opportunities.  It is these very types of opportunities that originally drew many of us to investing.  We source exciting, unique and interesting deals for our advisors and their clients.  Please visit our advisor solutions page for more information regarding these offerings. 

We also believe in humanizing wealth management in an overly indexed, artificial intelligence driven environment.  While hundreds of millions of dollars are being focused on better ways to understand people via technology, we would still rather talk to you, face to face, human to human.  

However, none of this remains relevant if we can’t balance growth and risk.  These variables are not mutually exclusive, but can be managed successfully in concert. 

Don’t get us wrong; we believe in a well-rounded, diversified strategy to investing.  We also fully embrace technology in an ever-changing world.  But, this requires human interaction and guidance, as opposed to the computers running the show.

That’s our focus, and that’s what makes us different.


For almost two decades financial advisors have been abandoning the large, traditional, “wirehouse” model, looking for the freedom to run their businesses the way they see fit.  The initial motivation is to disassociate from the negative perception of “Wall Street” banks and the and the conflicts between doing what is in the best of the client and doing what is in best interest in the company. 

This movement is a trend that will not reverse itself.  Regardless of whether a wirehouse remains in the broker protocol (BP), advisors will still look to leave their current firms.  A number of firms were created in response to this movement.   They were built on flexibility, choice and fiduciary focus; all aspects that both advisors and clients demanded. Now, almost 15 years into this sea change, there remains more competition than ever.  However, these firms offer the SAME benefits, targeting the SAME advisors and clients, without much differentiation. They are simply aiming to leverage advisor relationships and client metrics in order to carve out their own corner of their market. 

The industry has moved into a sea of gray; a space that requires a reboot. It’s time to focus on what attracted all of us, to this dynamic industry in the first place: the excitement of investing, the enjoyment of nurturing personal relationship and the value created in return.  The time has come for the bar to be raised in creating a new type of wealth management firm. Welcome to Third Seven Advisors.